Our MCA AGM was held May 10th.

Over 80 people attended live and via Zoom. Thank you for the support, questions and suggestions.

The 2022/23 Board make up is as follows:
President – Hugh Malcolmson
Vice President – Kym Dopheide
Treasurer – Lacey Miller
Secretary – Leslie Alexander
Director/Environment – Elizabeth Hughes
Director/Roads – Ryan McLachlan
Director/Docks – Don Gould
Director/CAMP – Scott Kissick
Director/Website – Gerry Rouire
Director/Picnic – Mark Kubanek
Director/Fundraising – Len Virog
Director – Coleen Ryland

Dues are $400. If you have other vehicles using the road we ask you to buy an additional $50 parking pass A cheque made out to the Malachi Campers’ Association can be sent to:

Lacey Miller
325 Notre Dame Drive
Lorette, MB R5K 0Y3

Thank you if you already have paid.
A great big thanks to Don Gould and his dock crew who amazingly got the dock in May 17. See “Reports from the Lake” for a list of volunteers who made it happen. We all are very appreciative.

The road had temporary repairs done May 16th. Thanks to Road Director Ryan McLachlan, Al Campbell and Devlin Timber for the very quick response to numerous cuts. Reduced speed is mandatory and Precipice Lake is spilling across the road and that stretch has to be carefully navigated.

There obviously is a great deal of debris in the lake. Uprooted cribs with rebar and spikes have been spotted. Be very careful on the water.

Due to water levels please keep speed low along shores to reduce further damage to the shore line and compromised structures. 

Your MCA Board