To the Malachi community, on Friday August 12th we had a disaster happen that could have been worse.

While building a new Beach house and deck at our waterfront we stopped work for the day and decide to continue the next day. When I went to go up to the cottage, I noticed that the generator had started on fire, I tried to smother the fire with sand and water but I couldn’t put it out. When the fire started to spread I realized it was out of control, we phoned the fire department but they didn’t have a response and sent us to the OPP. We tried to contain the fire but we were fighting a losing battle and then the
Malachi community showed up. The people and friends on the lake stayed to fight the fire even while I was off to Kenora for burns. I can’t say enough about the people and the lake, and our family can’t say thank you enough for caring that much.

I’m speechless except to say ……… THANK YOU !!!

Darlene & Andy Grosvenor & Family
Bradley’s Bay (On the Rock)


PS: To report a WILFIRE: 310-FIRE (3473) toll free: 1-888-284-3473