2018-19 Malachi Winter Road Plowing

If you plan to drive to the landing through the winter, please note the following updates and reminders below about 2018-19 winter road plowing.

  • Snow removal and winter road maintenance are not covered by the Malachi Campers Association annual dues. Only those that use the road in winter are asked to pay winter usage fees.
  • Winter usage fee payment should be made out to Allan Campbell and cheques or cash can be dropped off at Campbell’s Point and receipts will be issued. Remuneration can also be mailed to:

Allan Campbell
Site 12 Box 12 RR 1
Keewatin ON
P0X 1C0

  • The fees are going to remain the same at $ 75.00 for the winter season or $40.00 for one time use during the winter.
  • The fees are for each vehicle (not per property owner).
  • The fees support plowing from Pelican Pouch to Malachi landing
  • This HONOR system shows a payment rate of approximately 70 %.

Plowing of snow occurs after most snow storms with particular attention paid to approaching weekends when 90% of usage occurs. Plowing is done by Devlin Timber Company and cost is based on equipment required as well as time from leaving Keewatin shop until return to shop. Any damage occurring to the road or culverts during winter operations is also covered by the winter road usage funds.